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How to Work with VDAP

Volcano Observatories:

VDAP works with most countries that seek our assistance. If we receive a request for support, we can often help with equipment donation, network design, hazards assessments, communications training, and many other topics. As needed, our staff is ready to assist with data interpretation and eruption forecasts.

Academic and Research Institutions:

VDAP frequently collaborates with academic and governmental partners in the US and around the world. Academic partners can receive support from VDAP for very specific topics, which include:

  1. joining us to create/present training courses,
  2. assisting with long-term volcano monitoring or other applied research on volcanoes of interest to VDAP and our foreign partners.
Typically, this means using established techniques rather than experiments to develop new ones. We can assist with equipment purchase and travel costs.

Potential partners should note that all data collected belong to the originating volcano observatory. Resulting publications are encouraged, but require agreement between the host observatory and the collaborating researchers. Ideally, we would like to be involved early in project planning.

Our staff can also serve as academic advisors or mentors to students working on advanced degrees, where thesis research overlaps topics of interest to VDAP personnel.