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Contents: Swarm | Download | Documentation | Vision Statement

Swarm is a Java application designed to display and analyze seismic waveforms in real-time. Swarm can connect to and read from a variety of different static and dynamics data sources, including Earthworm waveservers, IRIS DMCs, SEED and SAC files, and simple ASCII. Swarm has both time- and frequency-domain analysis tools, along with a simple but powerful mapping platfrom. A full-screen kiosk mode can act as a low-cost, low-maintenance replacement for paper drum recorders. Swarm was written by and for scientists and provides fine control over many different program settings and variables. The code is open source, freely available, and in the public domain.

Swarm was developed in 2004 and 2005 at the Alaska Volcano Observatory by Dan Cervelli, Peter Cervelli, Thomas Parker, and Thomas Murray. Swarm development has been in hiatus for a few years, but has recently become a priority again.

Swarm can be downloaded here.


For questions, please contact Tom Parker ( and Diana Norgaard (