Pinatubo 1991


96,200 ha of agricultural land was severely impacted by ashfall. Damage to crops, livestock and fisheries from the initial eruption sequence was estimated to being 1.4 billion pesos (52 million USD) (Mercado et al., 1996). The hardest hit were rice crops, livestock and fisheries. Subsequent lahars, flooding and siltation added an additional 1.4 billion pesos (52 million USD). In total there was 2.9 billion pesos (107 million USD) of damage sustained by end of 1992.


18,000 ha of forest land received approximately 250 mm (10 in) of ashfall (Mercado et al., 1996). Reforestation efforts were set back due to subsequent lahars damaging upwards of 14,140 ha of newly established forests and seedlings.