Volcanic Ash Impacts & Mitigation

The Volcanic Ashfall Impacts Working Group are heavily involved with responding to the Kilauea, Ambae and Merapi eruptions at present so responding to enquiries will take longer than usual.

If you have questions about Kilauea please also see the Status and More Information links here: https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/status.html

and related to VOG here: https://vog.ivhhn.org/

For Ambae please see resources here: http://www.vmgd.gov.vu/vmgd/index.php/geohazards/volcano/volcano-info/resources

Volcanic-ash hazards are far reaching and disruptive, affecting more people, infrastructure, and daily activities than any other eruptive phenomena.

This web encyclopedia provides information on the impacts of volcanic ash and mitigation strategies for dealing with them. Content is summarized from expert and peer-reviewed sources.

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  • Posters and booklets in a range of languages are available in Resources.
  • Technical guidance for scientists undertaking ash studies is presented in the For Scientists section.
  • Do you have technical information or images you'd like to contribute to this Web site? New case studies and well documented experiences are valuable, and we welcome your contributions. Please Contact Us if you have information to add or questions.


If a volcanic eruption is forecast or ash has fallen in your area, follow the advice of your local Civil Defense or Emergency Management officials.