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Winston - Download

Current release

A .zip package of Winston 1.6.2 is available here. This is the latest version of winston, and the one that is currently running at the USGS volcano observatories (and elsewhere).

In order to run, Winston requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 or above installed on the target system. Winston is developed and tested using OpenJDK, but should work in any JRE.

Winston Client

The initial release of the Winston client library is available here.

Documentation for the client is available at

Command line syntax help can be displayed by providing the --help flag.

$ java -jar wwsclient.jar --help

  java -jar wwsclient.jar [--help] (-s|--server) 
  [(-p|--port) ] [--command ] [--sac] [--txt] [--rsam]
  [--rsamPeriod ] [--heli] [--menu] [(-c|--channel) ]
  [(-t|--timeSpan) ] [-v|--verbose]

I am the Winston Wave Server client.

        Prints this help message.

        Remote server.

  [(-p|--port) ]
        Remote port. (default: 16022)

  [--command ]
        Command string.

        Write SAC output.

        Write samples as text output.

        Write RSAM output.

  [--rsamPeriod ]
        RSAM period. (default: 300)

        Write Helicorder output.

        Retrieve server menu.

  [(-c|--channel) ]
        Channel as 'S$C$N$L'

  [(-t|--timeSpan) ]
        Time span as yyyyMMddHHmm-yyyyMMddHHmm

        Verbose logging.


Archived releases

if needed, previous builds of Winston are still available for download: