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logger2csv pulls records from a remote CampbellScientific data logger and creates a series of daily CSV files. The code is open source, freely available, and in the public domain.

logger2csv can be downloaded here.

Running logger2csv

% java -jar logger2csv-1.0.0.jar --help

  java -jar gov.usgs.volcanes.logger2csv.Logger2csv [--help] [-c|--create-config]
  [-p|--persistent] [-v|--verbose] []

I am the logger2csv server

        Prints this help message.

        Create an example config file in the curent working directory.

        Run persistenly, periodically polling loggers.

        Verbose logging.

        The config file name. (default: logger2csv.config)



By default logging is sent to both STDERR and to a file named logger2csv.log. The logfile will be automatically rotated.

The log file contains more detail than is sent to STDERR. Even more verbose logging can be enabled by passing to the JVM at startup.


For questions, please contact Tom Parker (