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More Resources About Hawaiian Volcanoes

HVO Multimedia—View photos, videos, maps, and webcam images of Hawaiian volcanoes. This imagery is in the public domain and can be freely used with credit to the U.S. Geological Survey.

USGS Volcano Notification Service—Sign up to receive free email notices about volcanic activity in Hawaii and at other USGS monitored volcanoes.

USGS Volcanoes Facebook—Learn about volcanic activity and updates, special events, publications, and fun volcanic facts.

USGS Volcanoes Twitter—Photos, videos, volcano updates, and more in 140 characters or less.

HVO Volcano Watch—Read weekly articles about volcanoes and earthquakes written by HVO staff and colleagues; posted on HVO website and published in Hawaii newspapers.

USGS Glossary of Volcanic Terms—Frequently used volcanic terms are described with text and images.

USGS Multimedia Gallery—View photos and videos of volcanoes in Hawaii and the U.S.; select imagery by topic, location, or date.

USGS National Earthquake Information Center—Learn about earthquakes through frequently asked questions, educational resources, and an earthquake glossary.

USGS Education—Resources include videos and animations, online lectures, maps, 3D models, photographs, and more.