Personal Protection PPE

Hazards of breathing airborne ash

Clean-up operations will readily lift ash into the air where it becomes a breathing hazard, particularly for fine ash in dry conditions. People with pre-existing lung conditions (e.g., asthma, COPD, emphysema) should avoid being involved with clean-up where possible.

PPE for clean-up

All people assisting with ash clean-up should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as follows:
  • Long clothing such as overalls
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Goggles without side vents (avoid wearing contact lenses as ash trapped behind them can damage the eyes)
  • Industry-certified facemasks (N95, P2, FFP2 or equivalent)
  • Gloves such as gardening gloves
  • A hard hat, if working on a roof
Refer to the Resources page for [link] IVHHN guidelines on Protection from Breathing Ash.

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