Preparing a Building for Ashfall

  • For roofs and similar elevated areas where ash accumulation will need to be removed, identify a safe means of access and, where necessary, pre-install fall arrest anchor points (falls from ash covered roofs are a common source of injury).
  • Remove ash from rooftops as soon as it is safe to do so, ash loads on roofs can cause damage.
  • Cover outlets/downpipes to reduce ash ingress into drainage networks, and if possible/practical disconnect down pipes and/or gutters (particularly if feeding a roof fed water supply).
  • Shutdown and cover exposed non-essential equipment, where possible,
    • Monitor HVAC systems and minimise use if operation is necessary.
  • Consider dependency on critical services and take steps to increase resilience.
    • Ensure backup power generators are in working condition.
    • Cover water tanks.

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