Installation Instructions

PC Windows Platform

To install HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE, first install the software for the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher, if not already present. The installation of the HTI software normally only involves uncompressing and unpacking the distribution.

The distribution uses Windows Installer to install the HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE software package in .msi format. Administrator privileges on the target computer are necessary to execute the installation package, hti-3.r.p.msi. The minimum disc space required to install HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE is 33 MB. Double clicking on the package name will invoke the unpacking and installation process. Unpacking the distribution creates a top-level directory named HTI and several subdirectories.

After the installation process has finished, the HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE simulator can be tested using the examples located in the HTI/examples subdirectory. Each example with input data and selected output files is located in its own subdirectory. The example input and output files are provided with the suffix .orig.

For example:

  1. Change to one of the examples/Ex. directories.
  2. Make a working copy of the example document file, xxx.hti.orig.
  3. Start up the HTI Preprocessor by clicking on the Start button, going to the Programs menu, and selecting HTI.
  4. Go to the File menu, change to an example directory, and select an existing document file, xxx.hti using Open.... This step bypasses the setting up of the example using the HTI Preprocessor.
  5. Go to the Show menu and select the Postprocessor item to open the Postprocessor window.
  6. Select the dependent variable to observe during the simulation from the Display: list.
  7. Run the simulation by clicking on the Run button at the left side of the Postprocessor window.
  8. Observe the simulation and, after completion, compare the results to the output files provided.

Building the Simulator Executable

Building the executable is normally only necessary after changes are made to the source code. Please contact the code custodian about building the HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE simulator from source code.

Uninstalling the Software

Remove the software with the following steps:

  1. As a user with administrator privileges run: Start->Control Panel->Add or Modify Program.
  2. Select HYDROTHERM INTERACTIVE in the window that appears.
  3. Click on the Remove button.


Disclaimer Statements

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