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USGS Volcano Hazards Program Image Gallery - USGS Volcano Science Center Images and Events from 2013

USGS Volcano Science Center Images and Events from 2013

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It has been a busy year for the USGS Volcano Science Center, as shown in this sample of our favorite 2013 images and events. Three volcanoes in Alaska erupted for several weeks each, Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii continued its 31-year long eruption, Pagan Volcano in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands showed persistent low-level activity, and several Cascades volcanoes as well as the Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas demonstrated their active status with small swarms of earthquakes. Detailed data analyses over this past year continue to increase our understanding of volcanoes and collaboration among geoscientists and hazard planners, both nationally and internationally, drew attention to volcanic hazards and the need for continued monitoring and community preparation for future eruptions.