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Geologic Maps

Biek, R. F., Rowley, P. D., Hayden, J. M., Hacker, D. B., Willis, G. C., Hintze, L. F., Anderson, R. E. & Brown, K. D. (2009). Geologic map of the St. George and east part of the Clover Mountains 30’ x 60’ quadrangles, Washington and Iron Counties, Utah. Utah Department of Natural Resources Geologic Map , M-242

Journal Articles

Nelson, S. T. & Tingey, D. G. (1997). Time-transgressive and extension-related basaltic volcanism in southwest Utah and vicinity. Geological Society of America Bulletin , 109, p. 1249-1265.

M.S. Thesis

Faust, M. (2005). Petrogenesis and geochemistry of Pleistocene and Pliocene basalt flows of the Pine Valley volcanic field, Utah and their relationship to the tectonics of the Utah Transition Zone. Smith, G. (Ed.) , University of Nevada, Las Vegas Masters Thesis , 116 p.

Downing, R. F. (2000). Imaging the mantle in southwestern Utah using geochemistry and Geographic Information Systems. Smith, G. (Ed.) , University of Nevada, Las Vegas Masters Thesis , 129 p.


Willis, G. C., Biek, R. F. & Hayden, J. M. (2006). New age for the Santa Clara (Snow Canyon State Park) basalt flow. Survey Notes , 38

USGS General Publication

Lowenstern, J. B. (Ed.) (2013). Abstracts for the October 2012 Meeting on Volcanism in the American Southwest, Flagstaff, Arizona. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report , 1026, 39 p.