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Quick Facts

Ruby, a submarine volcano that rises to within 230 m of the sea surface near the southern end of the Mariana arc NW of Saipan, was detected in eruption in 1966 by sonar signals. In 1995, submarine explosions were heard, accompanied by a fish kill, sulfurous odors, bubbling water, and the detection of volcanic tremor. Ruby submarine volcano in the southern Mariana arc is seen in this bathymetric view looking from the NW with two times vertical exaggeration. Depths in this image range from 184 to 2955 meters. Image courtesy of Susan Merle (Oregon State University/NOAA Vents Program). From the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program.
Latitude: 15.62° N
Longitude: 145.57° E
Elevation: -230 (m) -755 (f)
Volcano type: Submarine
Composition: Basalt
Most recent eruption: 1995 CE
Threat Potential: Low/Very Low *