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Lava Mountain Lava Field

 Lava Mountain Lava Field
Lava Mountain, Oregon

Quick Facts

Lava Mountain lava field, also known as East lava field, is one of a group of three young-looking basaltic fields located southeast of Newberry volcano in the High Lava Plains of central Oregon. Lava Mountain, a prominent topographic high point, is the pyroclastic cone complex that fed the surrounding lava flows. The lava field forms a low shield as thick as 180 m (600 ft) and roughly 9 km (5.6 mi) in diameter. Lava spread eastward as far as 7 km (4.3 mi) from the summit cone complex, and the field covers 70 km2. Lava Mountain lava field and Four Craters lava field (6 km or nearly 4 mi to the south-southeast) have similar lava compositions and paleomagnetic directions. Also, their vents are on the same alignment as regional faults that stretch 60 km (about 40 mi) from Christmas Valley north-northwest to Quartz Mountain. Thus, the two volcanic fields likely formed during a single eruptive event. A reported surface-exposure age from Four Craters lava indicates the eruption took place approximately 14 ka. The Devils Garden lava field to the northwest, which differs in its chemical composition and paleomagnetic directions, is from an eruption separate in time.
Location: Oregon
Latitude: 43.472° N
Longitude: 120.754° W
Elevation: 1,711 (m) 5,614 (f)
Volcano type: Volcanic field
Composition: Basalt
Most recent eruption: 14,000 years ago
Nearby towns: La Pine, Gilchrist, Sunriver, Wagontire