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Photo & Video Chronology - Kilauea Archive

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1999 Multimedia Archive

10 Feb. 1999 Pause in eruption leads to new surface flows
19 Mar. 1999 Large collapse of new land leads to lava bubble bursts
13 May 1999 Eruption continues as usual: surface flows, explosions, collapse of new land and another pause
16 July 1999 Lava continues to pour into ocean
14 Sept. 1999 Eruptive pause accompanies magma intrusion into upper east rift zone
23 Oct. 1999 Lava reappears in Pu`u `O`o but not throughout the lava-tube system
25 Oct. 1999 Surface flows down the pali, skylights and lava channels
13-20 Dec. 1999 Lava enters sea again
21-30 Dec. 1999 Eruption continues to send lava into sea

Eruption-viewing opportunities change constantly, refer to the HVO home page for current information. Those readers planning a visit to Kilauea or Mauna Loa volcanoes can get much useful information from Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.

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