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 Brushy Butte
Aerial photograph of Brushy Butte, California.

Quick Facts

Brushy Butte forms a small shield complex immediately east of Timbered Crater, south-southeast of the Medicine Lake highlands. The Brushy Butte complex has produced a broad apron of basaltic lava flows with fresh-looking flow features that extends preferentially down the regional gradient to the south as far as the Fall River valley. Soil development and revegetation suggested a Holocene age similar to that of Hat Creek flow to the south. The Hat Creek flow, however, has been dated at 24,000 +/- 6000 years, and Brushy Butte and other young vents between Medicine Lake and Lassen volcanoes could be of latest Pleistocene or early Holocene age.
Location: California, Shasta County
Latitude: 41.178° N
Longitude: 121.443° W
Elevation: 1,174 (m) 3,852 (f)
Volcano type: shield volcano
Composition: basalt
Most recent eruption: Holocene