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Mount Baker Videos
Fumarole gas sampling, Sherman Crater, Mount Baker (duration 44 seconds) – Gas collection at fumaroles on the west side of Sherman Crater at 2895 m (9500 ft), Mount Baker volcano, North Cascades of Washington State. Video by Dave Tucker from the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center. The fumaroles are at or above boiling for this altitude. The gas collection system is seen midway through the video.

Tour of Sherman Crater, Mount Baker (duration 49 seconds) – This video was taken July 6, 2010 by Dave Tucker. It shows the fumaroles just inside the west rim of Sherman Crater, at 9600 feet (2925 m) on Mount Baker volcano in the North Cascades. The high wall of rock is a stack of lava flows erupted from the summit, 1000 feet above the fumaroles. These lava flows are altered by sulphur-rich gas rising from the magma beneath the volcano. Samples of gas were collected from the fumaroles, which vent water vapor, CO2, H2S, and other gases from within the volcano. People on the trip were volunteers organized by Mount Baker Volcano Research Center, Bellingham Washington.