2014 Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Building 3 Main Conference Room 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, California, unless otherwise noted. Directions to the Menlo Park Campus.

January 14 Patrick Muffler
(USGS, Menlo Park)
Development of geothermal science in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s: a personal perspective. Video
January 21 Nancy Trujillo Castrillon (UNAM), Randy White (USGS), Peter Cervelli (USGS)
(USGS, Menlo Park)
Show and tell: Short updates from Nevado del Huila, Sinabung and Long Valley. (no video)
April 3 (joint with Water) Joe Walder (USGS - CVO) Dambreak Experiments at the USGS Debris-Flow Flume
April 8 Peter Lipman (USGS) From ignimbrite to batholith in the Southern Rocky Mountains: magma-body geometry, crystallization history, and duration of pluton assembly (no video)
April 29 Tenley Banik (Vanderbilt) Magma–ice–sediment interactions and the origin of Pleistocene lava/hyaloclastite sequences in South Iceland Video
May 29 Leif Karlstrom (Stanford) Pre-caldera eruptions at Mt. Mazama, OR, controlled by magma chamber growth and dike capture: a template for understanding large-scale patterns in the Cascades volcanic vent distribution Video
June 3 Gerardo Nunez (UNAM) A new geothermal exploration program at Los Humeros caldera field, eastern Mexican Volcanic Belt (no video)
July 16 (joint with ESC) Aaron Wech (USGS) ETS and volcanoes: Tracking messy seismicity Video
July 17 Kyle Anderson (USGS - HVO) Magma supply, storage, and volatile content from probabilistic multiphysical modeling: Application to Kīlauea Volcano and Mount St. Helens (no video)
August 5 Erik Klemetti (Denison) Storage, Rejuvenation and Recycling at the Lassen Volcanic Center, Cascades of Northern California Video
August 26 Florent Brenguier (ISTerre) Earthquakes and volcanoes: insights from seismic noise based monitoring Video
September 4 Various Current Events Discussion (Bardarbunga, Kilauea, Summer Field Work)
October 14 Abraham Padilla (Vanderbilt) How to assemble an Icelandic silicic intrusion: zir con geochemistry and the Austurhorn Intrusive Complex Video
October 27 James Moore and Jake Lowenstern Iceland Topics (Heimey, Surtsey and Drilling)
October 28 Kayla Iacovino Evolution and de-gassing of alkaline magmas from two of the strangest places on Earth: Erebus (Antarctica) and Paektu (aka Changbaishan, China/North Korea) Video
October 30 Peruvian Delegation Introduction to the combined efforts to understand volcanic hazards and improve monitoring capabilities in Peru
November 4 Jenny Suckale Slug or plug: Why does Stromboli erupt? Video
November 18 Claire Treat Fens, bogs and polygons: How do high-latitude wetlads change during the Holocene? Video (may not be available yet)
November 25 Jessica Ball Go with the flow: linking groundwater, alteration and volcanic stability Video

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