2010 Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Building 3 Main Conference Room 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, California, unless otherwise noted. Directions to the Menlo Park Campus.

SPEAKER (affiliation)
January 2010
13 January
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Brian Hausback
(California State University, Sacramento.)
Sutter Buttes - Enigmatic Volcanism in the Sacramento Valley
February 2010
9 February
3pm Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
David Lucke
Wyoming State Geologic Survey
GIS at the WSGS: Building the Yellowstone Caldera Crisis GIS
23 February
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Jake Lowenstern Field observations of the 2008-09 eruptions at Chaitén Volcano, northern Patagonia, Chile
April 2010
27 April
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Heather Wright
(USGS Mendenhall postdoc)
What triggered the 2.08 Ma eruption of the Cerro Galan rhyodacite supervolcano in the high Andes of Argentina?
30 April
noon Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Dr. Hardy Pfanz
Applied and Ecological Botany, University of Duisberg, Essen, Germany
Mofettes - the interaction of magmatic gases and living organisms
June 2010
29 June
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Jonathan Castro
Monash University, Clayton Australia
Magma ascent processes at Chaitén Volcano, Chile
October 2010
5 October
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Dr. Jerome A. Bellian
(Chevron Energy Technology Company, San Ramon, CA.)
Airborne and Ground Based Lidar; how far can you push the data?
November 2010
9 November
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
Lisa Hammersley
(California State University, Sacramento)
Structure and evolution of the Clear Lake Volcanic Field
December 2010
10 December
Bldg. 15, Rm 3245
David Green
(University of Tasmania and The Australian National University)
Water and its influence on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary

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