2006 Archive Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

SPEAKER (affiliation)
February 2006

3 February

Wolf Elston
(University of New Mexico)

The Proterozoic Bushveld Complex, South Africa: A tale of two catastrophes

7 February

Jonathan Dehn
(Alaska Volcano Observatory - University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Remote Sensing of Volcanic Eruptions at AVO

15 February

Marie Edmonds

When magma begins to fizz -- gas geochemistry of volcanic eruptions

21 February

Stuart Simmons
(University of Auckland)

Origins of Water-Filled Depressions in NZ Geothermal Fields: Products of Hydrothermal Eruption & Gas Discharge

28 February

Jim Moore
(USGS–Menlo Park)

Subaqueous Investigations at Lake Tahoe

March 2006
15 March Calvin Miller
(Vanderbilt University)
Investigating magma chamber processes and pluton-volcano connections
28 March Larry Mastin
How big is the Mount St. Helens magma system? Constraints on size, pressure, and composition from geodesy and the growth history of the lava dome
April 2006
4 April Michael McCurry
(Idaho State University)
Genesis of silicic A-type magmas along the Eastern Snake River Plain segment of the YSRP hotspot track: Implications for crustal evolution
11 April Emily Desmarais
(Stanford University)

Seismicity triggered by slow earthquakes on Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

25 April

Megan Anderson (USGS–Menlo Park)

Seismic anisotropy: What can it tell us about subduction zone mantle wedge flow?

May 2006
9 May Margaret Mangan
(USGS–Menlo Park)

What's Cookin' in the Menlo Park Magma Dynamics Lab? Experimental investigations into the causes of volcanic unrest and eruption

23 May Sarah Aciego (UC Berkeley) The U-Th/He Dating Method for Young Volcanic Systems

Seminar coordinators: Greg Waite and Brita Graham Wall