2005 Archive Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

SPEAKER (affiliation)
February 2005

24 February

Michael Hamburger (Indiana University)

What's moving in Luzon ? GPS measurement of tectonic and volcanic deformation in the northern Philippine Island arc

March 2005
1 March Steve Kirby (USGS–Menlo Park) Variations in arc volcanic vigor: global trends and exceptions to the trends
8 March Brita Graham Wall (USGS–Menlo Park) Flow pathway development along fracture controlled faults
15 March Lizet Christiansen (USGS–Menlo Park) Seasonal seismicity at western United States volcanic centers
22 March Patrick Muffler and David John (USGS-Menlo Park) Quaternary volcanic stratigraphy and fossil hydrothermal systems in the Lassen region, northeastern California

30 March

Karsten Pruess (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) Leakage from geologic disposal reservoirs of CO2 - is a self-enhancing, eruptive release possible?
April 2005
5 April Dave Sherrod (USGS-CVO) Assessing lava-inundation hazards at Haleakala, East Maui , a waning post shield volcano in the Hawaiian island chain
12 April Laszlo Keszthelyi (USGS-Flagstaff) Remote sensing of extraterrestrial volcanoes: applications to Earth
19 April Deb Bergfeld (USGS-Menlo Park) Diffuse CO2 measurements at volcanoes; what's all the flux about?
26 April Mariek Schmidt (Oregon State U.) Eruptive history and basaltic andesite petrogenesis at North Sister Volcano, Oregon High Cascade Range
May 2005
3 May Nick Davatzes (USGS–Menlo Park) Insights into fracture controlled fluid flow above a magmatically heated geothermal system from borehole and surface data, Coso , CA
10 May Dan Dzurisin (USGS-CVO) Mount St. Helens 2004+ eruption: volcano geodesy in the fast lane
17 May Simon Day (U.C. Santa Cruz) The March 13th 1888 Ritter Island (Papua New Guinea) island arc volcano collapse and tsunami
June 2005
7 June Mike Clynne (USGS–Menlo Park) Pre-1980 eruptive history of Mount St. Helens


Seminar coordinators: Shaul Hurwitz, Greg Waite, Patrick Muffler