2002-2003 Archive Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

SPEAKER (affiliation)
October 2002
15 October Rick Conrey (Washington State University) Propagating rift in the Cascade Range of Oregon and Washington
22 October Stephan Husen (University of Utah) Upper-crustal structure of the Yellowstone Volcanic System from tomographic imaging: evidence for gas and magmatic sources
29 October Joe Walder (USGS-CVO) Water waves generated by subaerial mass flows
November 2002
5 November Brigette Martini (University of California Santa Cruz) Hyperspectral imaging in Long Valley caldera: new insights into paleo and present structural and hydrothermal systems
12 November Paul Wallace (University of Oregon) Volatiles and magmatic processes related to formation of the Keanakakoi ash deposits, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
19 November Mike Poland (USGS-CVO) The ups and downs of two Cascade shields: Medicine Lake and Newberry volcanoes
26 November Mark Reid (USGS-Menlo Park) Assessing massive flank collapse at stratovolcanoes
December 2002
17 December Gilda Currenti (Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and Universita di Catania, Italy Mt. Etna erupts again and magnetometers are a key part of the picture
January 2003
7 January Bob Christiansen (USGS-Menlo Park) Lithospheric interactions and regional structural controls of the Yellowstone and Newberry melting anomalies
14 January
Gillian Foulger (University of Durham, England) The melt anomaly at Iceland results from mantle refertilised by subducted slabs, not from a plume
21 January Dina Venezky (USGS-Menlo Park) Creating a database of worldwide volcanic unrest
28 January Barry Eakins (USGS-Menlo Park) Haleakala Volcano, Maui: mapping its underwater flanks
February 2003
4 February Peter Schiffman (Davis) Palagonitization of basaltic hyaloclastites in submarine, subaerial, and subglacial settings
11 February Doerte Mann (Stanford) Deformation of Alaskan volcanoes
18 February Michelle Coombs (USGS-VHZ) Volatiles in submarine Kilauea glasses: implications for the growth of a Hawaiian volcano
25 February Warren Sharp (Berkeley Geochronology Center) 40Ar/39Ar dating of the growth of Mauna Kea
March 2003
4 March Martin Saar (U.C. Berkely) Groundwater recharge induced seismicity, heat, and groundwater flow at Mt. Hood, Oregon
11 March Janne Blichert-Toft (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Lyon, France) A combined Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotopic perspective on planetary differentiation
18 March Lisa Hammersley (U.C. Berkeley) Isotropic evidence for the origin of large silicic eruptions—a study of the Chalupas caldera, Ecuador
24 March Cecily Wolfe (Univ. Hawaii) High precision relocations of deep (>13 km) Hawaiian earthquakes: evidence for a mantle fault zone beneath Kilauea volcano
April 2003
1 April
Jian Lin (Woods Hole) Breaking of new lithosphere and hotspot-ridge interaction at ultra-slowly spreading mid-ocean ridges
8 April Matthijs van Soest (LBL) Magmatic Helium in the Three Sisters area: where does it come from, how does it get there, and what does it mean?
15 April Joel Robinson (USGS-Menlo) Volcano hazards and GIS
22 April Dave Hill and Jake Lowenstern (USGS-Mehlo) Iwo Jima (Sulfur Island): WWII battleground, modern Japanese military base, and rapidly deforming caldera
29 April Wendy Bohrson (Central Washington University) The dynamics of the historical Mt. Etna magma plumbing system
May 2003
6 May Joe Colgan (Stanford) Reconstructing the timing and magnitude of Cenozoic Basin and Range extension in northwestern Nevada
13 May Helge Gonnermann (U.C. Berkely) Magma fragmentation: necessary but not sufficient for explosive volcanism
20 May Charles Lesher (U.C. Davis) Mantle source heterogeneity in the North Atlantic Igneous Province and the Iapetus connection
27 May Carl Thornber (USGS-CVO) Magma reservoir processes revealed by geochemistry of the ongoing east rift zone eruption, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i
June 2003
3 June Anders Meibom (Stanford) The distribution of geochemical heterogeneity in the Earth's upper mantle


Seminar coordinators: Shaul Hurwitz and Mike Clynne