2001-2002 Archive Volcano Hazards Team Seminar Series

SPEAKER (affiliation)
October 2001
16 October Jake Lowenstern (USGS) Uncovering the buried secrets beneath Medicine Lake Volcano
30 October Peter Cervelli (Stanford) A sudden aseismic slip event on Kilauea Volcano, imaged by continuous geodetic instruments
November 2001
6 November Pat Dobson (LBL) The effects of lithology and hydrothermal alteration on permeability and fluid flow at the Yellowstone geothermal system
13 November Michael Manga (UC-Berkeley) Hydrogeology, heat flow, and CO2 degassing in the Oregon cascades
20 November Dave Clague (MBARI) Submarine basalt eruption dynamics
27 November Jennifer Harden (USGS) Atmospheric CO2, terrestrial landscapes, and warming in northern latitudes
December 2001
4 December Wicks/Evans/Ingebritsen (USGS) Current activity at South Sister volcano
January 2002
8 January Jim Gill (UCSC) Magma genesis in the Izu (Japan) island arc
15 January Ken McGee (USGS-CVO) Airborne monitoring in the Cascades
22 January Michelle Coombs (USGS) Experimental explorations of magma mixing
29 January Pete Lipman (USGS) Hawaiian volcanoes deep underwater perspectives
February 2002
5 February Don DePaolo (UC-Berkeley) Internally consistent volumes, growth rates and ages for Hawaiian volcanoes: Insights and constraints from deep drilling in Hawai`i
12 February Howard Zebker (Stanford) Inference of subsurface magmatic processes using spaceborne InSAR data
20 February Charlie Bacon (USGS) Volcanism and mass wasting in nature's bathtub, Crater Lake, Oregon
26 February Margaret Mangan (USGS) Eruptive degassing: Experimental constraints and implications for conduit dynamics
March 2002
5 March Jonathan Miller (SJSU) Some new perspectives on the evolution of the pleistocene Coso magmatic system from radiogenic isotopes and ion probe analysis of zircon
12 March Andrei Sarna (USGS) The hazard and utility of tephra
19 March Mary Reid (UCLA) Magma chronology: What magmas remember about their past?
26 March Chris Newhall (USGS-Seattle) Evolution and stabilization of Pinatubo''s crater lake
April 2002
2 April No Seminar nbsp;
9 April Chris Waythomas (USGS-AVO) Geology and Holocene eruptive history of volcanoes in the Andreanof Islands Group, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
16 April Jim Moore (USGS-Menlo Park) Ferromanganese crusts on undersea outcrops Hawai`i#151anbsp; dating tool?
23 April Evelyn Roeloffs (USGS-CVO) Water wells and earthquakes in Long Valley
30 April Larry Mastin (USGS-CVO) Magma degassing and mechanics of explosive phreatomagmatic eruptions at Kilauea volcano, Hawai`i
May 2002
9 May Seth Moran (USGS-AVO) Evidence for multiple earthquake-generating processes in Katmai National Park, Alaska, from analysis of fault plane solutions
14 May Stephanie Prejean (Stanford) Evidence for the movement of fluids during the 1997-98 Long Valley caldera crisis
21 May Jeff Winick (USGS-Denver)
Webcast available
Evaluating the Bishop Tuff sanidine as a new 40A/39Ar dating standard for young volcanic rocks
28 May Stuart Rojstaczer (Duke University)
Webcast available
Hot water, earthquakes, and the 'P'nbsp; word: infidelities at Old Faithful and other prominent geysers
June 2002
4 June Renee Takesue (USGS Mendenhall postdoc) SHRIMP-RG and LA-ICP-MS microanalysis of trace mollusc shells: high-resolution geochemical elements in records of environmental/ecological variability
11 June Javier Almendros (University of Granada, Spain) Results of an experiment at Kilauea: A closer look into the volcano using seismic antennas

Seminar coordinators: Shaul Hurwitz and Mike Clynne