Geochronology of very young granites (10-350 ka):

Short paper for the 2003 Stanford Geothermal Workhsop.

Lowenstern, Jacob B., Donnelly-Nolan, J., Wooden, J.L., Charlier, B.L.A., 2003, Volcanism, plutonism and hydrothermal alteration at Medicine Lake volcano, California, Proceedings, Twenty-Eighth workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford, California, USA, January 27-29, 2003,

Presentation for 2001 Goldschmidt Conference on HIGH-PRECISION U-Pb DATING OF 325,000-year-old granites with the ion microprobe (SHRIMP-RG). Abstract in html format. OR Abstract in PDF format.

Abstract from Lowenstern et al. (2000) in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The entire article is available in PDF.


Regional Information:

Large poster (54x36 inches) entitled: 3-Dimensional Visualization of the Medicine Lake Highland, CA: Topography, Geology, Geophysics, and Hydrology. This poster is also known as U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 98-777. Click here to download.

Abstract from the 1998 meeting of the International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior, Capetown, South Africa

Abstract from the 1999 Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (San Francisco). The abstract reports the results of U-Pb, U-Th and Ar-Ar age dating of granitoid rocks found in drillcore and as xenoliths from lavas at Medicine Lake volcano.


Perspective view of Medicine Lake as viewed from the Southwest. Larger copies of this and many other figures are available at Open-File Report 00-043 which describes a recent project to 1) map the lake bottom, 2) study lake sediments to unravel the volcanic and climatic history of the region, and 3) understand the dynamics of mercury geochemistry.


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