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= Yellowstone National Park
= Caldera
Yellowstone Monthly Update
Monday, April 02, 2018 9:34 PM US/Mountain
Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL
Current Aviation Color Code: GREEN
YVO's Mission
The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory provides timely monitoring and hazard assessment of volcanic, hydrothermal, and earthquake activity in the Yellowstone Plateau region.

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"Geohydrobiology" of Yellowstone – where Earth, water, and life intersect!
April 23, 2018

"Geohydrobiology" sounds like a made-up word—as if the prefixes from multiple scientific fields were strung together to score big points in a game of Scrabble. But it makes more sense when you break it down: geo, meaning Earth; hydro, meaning water; and bio, meaning life. It is easy to understand why studying geohydrobiology is an important endeavor at Yellowstone, a place where Earth, water, and life intersect in unusual and stunning ways.

Read more about how Earth, water, and life come together in this week's edition of Yellowstone Caldera Chronicles!

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Quick Facts
Location: Wyoming and Montana
Latitude: 44.615° N
Longitude: 110.6° W
Elevation: 2,805 (m) 9,203 (f)
Volcano type: Caldera
Composition: basalt to rhyolite
Most recent eruption: 70,000 years ago—lava, current—hydrothermal explosions
Alert Level: Normal (2018-04-03 03:34:08)