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Volunteer for a Changing World

Seismology Volunteer Form

Volunteer with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Opportunities Application Form

By submitting this application form, you are applying to work as a volunteer at the US Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

Enter your responses to questions by typing into the spaces provided or selecting response choices. If you need to provide additional information to a response choice, use the detailed response section at the end of the form. See Privacy Note.

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Contact Information
Availability All applicants must be available for a minimum of three consecutive months.

Specify your lodging requirements:

Physical Conditions Please specify any physical conditions that may influence your volunteer work activities (or enter "none" if no physical conditions exist):
Education All applicants not yet 18 years old must have parental consent. Additional educational qualifications can be listed in the 'Detailed Responses' section at the bottom of the form.

Highest Completed Education Level:

Currently working towards:

Qualifications, Skills or Experience

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Detailed Responses
Terms and conditions
Based on U.S. Government Optional Form 301 (4-83)

Volunteers are not considered to be Federal employees for any purpose other than tort claims and injury compensation. Volunteer service is not creditable for leave accrual or any other benefit. However, volunteer service is creditable work experience.

Note: Privacy Act Statement: Following information is provided in compliance with the Privacy Act (PL 93-579). 5 U.S.C. 301 and 7 CFR 260 authorize acceptance of the information requested on this form. The data will be used to contact applicants and to interview, screen, and select them for volunteer assignments. Furnishing this data is voluntary.

A copy of your application will be sent electronically to the USGS host contact for the position(s) you have selected. You may print the confirmation page that will appear after you submit your application to keep for your records.

If you are accepted for a volunteer position you will be subjected to a background check.

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