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Media Newsroom

What's New at CVO?

  • The CVO home page provides current information about volcanic activity and our "Hot Stuff" current events.
  • Events Calendar—Information about events and presentations by CVO scientists.
  • Volcano Notification Service (VNS)—Register to receive updates about US volcanic activity, by region and at regular intervals.
  • USGS Volcanoes Facebook—Updates about volcanic activity, special events, publications, and fun volcanic facts.
  • USGS Volcanoes Twitter—Similar information to USGS Volcanoes Facebook plus additional information shared from partners.
  • CVO Website—Read about Cascades volcano histories and hazards, monitoring, current activity, education resources, and access the HOT STUFF current events page.
  • USGS Newsroom—National and State/local news releases and archives.

USGS-CVO Media Contacts:

Principal Contact
Carolyn Driedger
Outreach Coordinator/PIO
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory
1300 SE Cardinal Court
Vancouver, WA 98686
Office: (360) 993-8907
Mobile: (360) 903-1450

USGS B-Roll Archive
Don Becker
B-roll Archivist, Public Affairs Specialist
USGS Office of Communication and Reports
West 6th Ave. & Kipling St., DFC Bldg. 810 #150
Lakewood, CO 80225-0046
Office: (303) 202-4770
Secondary Contacts
Liz Westby
Geologist/External Communications
USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory
1300 SE Cardinal Court
Vancouver, WA 98683
Office: (360) 993-8979

Ryan McClymont
USGS Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Communication and Reports (OCAP)
2130 S.W. Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
Office: (503) 251-3237

Media Operations During Volcanic Unrest and Eruptions:

The USGS Volcano Notification Service (VNS) uses an automated system for distribution of Volcano Updates and Information Statements to registered users. Initially, USGS-CVO will provide interviews and news briefings from its facility. As media interest intensifies, USGS-CVO will join regional emergency management partners to open a Joint Information Center (JIC) based at a safe and convenient location near the volcano. The JIC will remain open as long as the need exists. Throughout the event, USGS-CVO and its partners will strive to provide video, graphics and images, and the best possible assessments of volcanic activity.

Media Resources

Media Trainings

USGS CVO offers trainings for the media occasionally at local volcanoes, at its facility in Vancouver, WA, and elsewhere upon request. Contact CVO Scientist/Outreach Coordinator, Carolyn Driedger for more information (360) 993-8907

Information for Documentary Filmmakers

Steps for requesting interviews with CVO staff:

Begin your request by completing the Interview request form (Steps for Engaging USGS-CVO Staff in TV Documentary Production). Email it to CVO Outreach Coordinator, Carolyn Driedger. USGS-CVO may be able to provide in-office interviews and occasional interviews on volcanic terrain, give recommendations on shooting locations, or aid with development of storylines, principal messages, and information about Cascade volcanoes. B-roll can be requested from the B-roll Archivist, Don Becker, (303) 202-4770. USGS-CVO staff is not permitted to fly with media in any aircraft. Staff visits with media to the crater of Mount St. Helens are generally unavailable.