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Volcanoes and History
Cascade Range Volcanoes - "Volcanoes and History"

Overton Johnson and William H. Winter

1843, volcanic Mount St. Helens, with south-side crater
(Written in 1843, originally published in 1846)

Excerpt from:
Route Across the Rocky Mountains, by Overton Johnson and William H. Winter, originally published in 1846 by John Semans, re-printed in 1932 (C.Z. Cannon, editor, Princeton University Press), and again re-printed in 2000, Angela Firkus (editor) with the Tippecanoe County Historical Association, Purdue University Press, 262p.

Mount St. Helens.

   [p.102]     ... Twenty-five miles North from Vancouver, and about opposite the mouth of the Willammette, Mount St. Helens, a lofty snow capped Volcano rises from the plain, and is now burning. Frequently, the huge columns of black smoke may be seen, suddenly bursting from its crater, at the distance of thirty or forty miles. The crater is on the South side, below the summit. The Cawlitz River has its source in Mount St. Helens. ...

Digital version of the Johnson and Winters report, re-printed in 2000,
was found at the "Google Books" website, 2009.


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