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Volcanoes and History
Cascade Range Volcanoes - "Volcanoes and History"

First Ascent of Lassen Peak, California

Information from:
Lassen Volcanic National Park website (2010)

Grover K. Godfrey made the first recorded ascent of Lassen Peak. Capt. J.W. Maxwell also reported to have climbed the peak.

The C. Brewster-Clarence King party climbed Lassen Peak. In their writing they referred to statements having been made that steam was observed coming from the Chaos Crags between 1854 and 1857.

Major Reading and K.V. Bumpass filed a claim at "Bumpass Hell". Reading also led the third recorded party to ascent Lassen Peak. This party included Helen Tanner Brodt, the first woman to climb Lassen Peak, and her husband Aurelius.


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