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Town of Toez hit by lahar, R?o Paez, Colombia
Photograph by T.C. Casadevall on July 4, 1994

Site of Toez, a town of about 1,000 people located 6.5 km downstream from Irlanda. It was overrun by the main black flow about 10 minutes after the earthquake. Survivors here remember feeling the ground shake and hearing a rumbling noise several minutes before the flow arrived. They thought another earthquake was occurring. They could easily have gone upslope to safety if they had known they were feeling and hearing the signs of the lahar (what scientists call acoustic signals) of the lahar. Flow direction of the lahar was from left to right in the photograph.

Note the high terrace rising behind the town--it consists of an enormous prehistoric lahar deposit from Nevado del Huila volcano.

The house shown in the next photograph is located in the upper right circle. The barn shown later is located in the lower left circle.


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