Selected Computer Software Products of USGS Volcano Hazards Program


VolQuake is a Microsoft Windows-based computer program designed to facilitate the study of seismicity associated with volcanic activity. This is accomplished by plotting earthquake locations on simplified topographic maps and topographic cross sections. VolQuake software comes with data sets from Mount St. Helens, Washington (1976-1980), Mount Pinatubo, Philippines (1991) and Mt. Spurr, Alaska (1992). Documentation is available within VolQuakes's on-line help system.

  1. View the readme.txt file for system requirements and installation information
  2. Download the software distribution using your browser
  3. gzipped tar file (volquake.tar.gz | 1.2 Mb)
    zip file ( | 1.2 Mb)

The software distribution can also be retrieved using anonymous ftp (note: bold text inside quotes should be typed exactly as shown)

  1. "ftp" -OR- "ftp"
  2. user id = "anonymous" -OR- "ftp"
  3. password = your e-mail address (e.g.
  4. "cd /pub/VolQuake"
  5. "type binary"
  6. "get" -OR- "get volquake.tar.gz"