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Overlay represents area within CVO's area of responsibility.
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Cascade Range Weekly Update
Friday, April 18, 2014 1:28 PM
 Current Volcano Alert Level: NORMAL
 Current Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Cascades Volcano Observatory's mission
The U.S. Geological Survey's Cascades Volcano Observatory strives to serve the national interest by helping people to live knowledgeably and safely with volcanoes in WA, OR, and ID.

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Young Volcanoes in WA, OR & ID1

Registration Open for Summer Teacher Workshops
April 24, 2014

USGS and its partners invite educators to join us for two middle school teacher workshops during summer, 2014. Both workshops will enrich your understanding of Cascade volcanoes and aid your ability to teach about volcanoes in your classroom and on class field trips. Workshops feature informative talks, hands-on activities, hikes, and tips for assembling extraordinary field trips for your students. Credits and clock hours are available.

  • June 25-27, 2014 at Mount St. Helens: This three-day workshop offered at the Coldwater Science and Learning Center, provides information and resources for your school's field trip to Mount St. Helens. Visit the Mount St. Helens Institute to register; download the Mount St. Helens Teacher Workshop flyer to share with colleagues.
  • July 28-August 1, 2014 at Mount Rainier: This five-day classroom and field-based workshop at the Mount Rainier Education Center (within the park) offers information, classroom activities, and resources for Mount Rainier and other Cascade Range volcanoes. Visit the Mount Rainier Teacher Professional Development webpage to register; download the Mount Rainier Teacher Training flyer to share with colleagues.

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