(2) Issued:(20130109/2308Z)
(3) Volcano:Iliamna (CAVW# 1103-02-)
(4) Current Color Code:GREEN
(5) Previous Color Code:yellow
(6) Source:Alaska Volcano Observatory
(7) Notice Number:2013/A1
(8) Volcano Location:N 60 deg 1 min W 153 deg 5 min
(9) Area:Cook Inlet-South Central Alaska
(10) Summit Elevation:10016 ft (3053 m)
(11) Volcanic Activity Summary:Volcanic unrest at Iliamna volcano has decreased over the past several months, and the Alaska Volcano Observatory now considers it to have reached typical background levels. Thus, the Aviation Color Code has been reduced to Green and the Volcano Alert Level had been reduced to Normal.

Occasional small earthquakes continue, but at a greatly reduced rate and magnitude relative to the peak of unrest in March 2012. Steam and sulfur gas emissions continue to be observed from sites near the summit during periods of favorable meteorological conditions, but are not unusual at Iliamna.

(12) Volcanic cloud height:Unknown
(13) Other volcanic cloud information:Unknown
(14) Contacts:John Power Scientist-in-Charge, USGS
jpower@usgs.gov (907) 786-7497

Jeff Freymueller, Coordinating Scientist, UAFGI
jeff.freymueller@gi.alaska.edu (907) 378-7556
(15) Next Notice:A new VONA will be issued if conditions change significantly or alert levels are modified. While a VONA is in effect, regularly scheduled updates are posted at