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Chuck Wicks, Research Geophysicist

Charles Wicks

Research Geophysicist
345 Middlefield Rd MS 977
Menlo Park, CA 94025
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Like all earth scientists, I want to understand how the earth works. In particular, I want to know how the earth deforms and how I can use this information to better understand earthquakes and volcanoes.
Research Interests
To measure the deformation of the earth, I currently use the method of satellite radar interferometry (InSAR). This method relies on radar emitting satellites and often yields spectacular images of deformation. Some of the images show deformation in unexpected places -- such as inflation of "dormant" volcanoes.

I also have an interest in using array methods to process seismograms in ways that enable the detection of detailed structures deep within the earth. The details of velocity discontinuties in the mantle, such as that near 660 km depth, and small structures near the earth's core are of interest because they give us information that helps understand how the earth's mantle moves, and how the earth has evolved during its lifetime.