Volcano Update from Archive

Report prepared by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO):

7/21 eruption site: the initial outbreak came from two sets of fissures. The westernmost fissure was inactive by mid morning Satuday. The uppermost segment of the lower and active fissure was completely sealed by mid morning Sunday. The rest of the fissure continues to erupt lava which is constructing several small perched ponds. We have installed a webcam to help monitor the area.

Pu`u `O`o crater: Occasional views confirm that the floor dropped a few tens of meters and that the adjacent lava ponds in West Gap pit and Puka Nui pit have drained. In addition, several new cracks have been found around the rim that have have spread farther apart. There have been new collapses of several chunks of the rim, probably during the events early on the morning of July 21.

Gas emissions from the combined area of Pu`u `O`o crater and the 7/21 eruption site are now at levels similar to the emissions from Pu`u `O`o alone before emissions virtually disappeared starting on June 17, 2007.

We continue to monitor the volcano closely.