USGS Volcano Hazards Program Volcano Update

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Nothing observed in satellite data over the past 24 hours. No confirmed explosions detected over the past 24 hours. A pilot report from yesterday afternoon indicated no sign of emissions above the cloud deck estimated to be about 12,000 feet above sea level.

At the present level of unrest, it is possible for brief, sudden explosions of blocks and ash from the summit vent of Cleveland Volcano to occur with little to no warning. These explosions may produce drifting ash clouds and local fallout of ash over the surrounding ocean, on the flanks of Cleveland Volcano, and on parts of Chuginadak Island. It is possible that more energetic explosions will occur that may produce more significant ash clouds.

If a large ash-producing event occurs, nearby seismic, infrasound, or volcanic lightning networks should alert AVO staff quickly. However, for some events, a delay of several hours or more is possible. Cleveland volcano does not have a local seismic network and is monitored using only distant seismic and infrasound instruments and satellite data.

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