USGS Volcano Hazards Program Volcano Update

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Nearly continuous, low-level volcanic tremor has been detected in seismic data throughout the past 24 hours. Satellite observations detected elevated surface temperatures at the intracaldera cone of Veniaminof volcano. The seismic data indicate an ongoing low-level eruption characterized by effusion of lava and emission of minor amounts of ash and steam. Web camera images of the volcano from Perryville throughout the past 24 hours have been mostly obscured by clouds.

It remains possible for activity at Veniaminof volcano to increase above its current level at any time and more vigorous ash emissions may occur. Sustained periods of volcanic tremor may correspond with episodes of continuous ash emission which may not be detected in satellite data, especially if ash plumes remain below 15,000 to 20,000 feet above sea level. Brief bursts of ash emission and small explosions may result in ash fall on the flanks of the volcano, and this is likely to occur while the volcano is at its current level of unrest. A vigorous explosive episode that produces a large ash cloud is not expected at the level of unrest that has been occurring over the past several weeks; however, this remains a possible, but not certain outcome of the present eruption. The lava flow may continue to grow slowly and is not expected to lead to any significant hydrologic events in the drainages north of the volcano associated with melting of snow and ice.

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