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Eruptive activity at Pavlof Volcano is continuing, but at a much lower level than earlier this week. The level of seismicity over the past 24 hours has continued to decline and now consists primarily of low level continuous tremor. Periods of continuous tremor are likely associated with lava fountaining and minor ash production, but at this level, emission rates are probably very low.

Satellite data over the past 24 hours has shown strong thermal signals at the summit. Pilot reports from last evening have indicated that plumes are rising to levels not much above the summit of the volcano. AVO has received no reports of ash fall on nearby communities today.

At the current level of unrest, some lava fountaining and ash emission may be occurring, but overall, the volcano is much less restless than it was earlier in the week. It is possible for conditions to change at any time and more vigorous seismicity and ash emissions may result. AVO is monitoring the volcano closely and will issue further information if or when conditions change.

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