USGS Volcano Hazards Program Volcano Update

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The eruption of Veniaminof volcano continues. Recent satellite images show elevated surface temperatures at the cinder cone inside the caldera consistent with continued effusion of lava. No plumes have been observed in satellite images. Views of the volcano from the web camera have been obscured by weather. Small, short lived ash emissions may be occurring that may not be detected in satellite data. Volcanic tremor continues unchanged in the past 24 hours.

Recent eruptions of Veniaminof volcano have all occurred from vents located on the cinder cone inside the caldera and were characterized by brief bursts of ash emission and small explosions with ash fall limited to areas on the flanks of the volcano. While a larger ash emission is not expected, it is possible and should be detected on the current seismic network. The current lava flow is expected to remain within the confines of the caldera. There is a possibility that activity at the volcano could increase with little to no warning.

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