USGS Volcano Hazards Program Volcano Update

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The eruption at Pavlov volcano is on going. Seismic tremor continues. Possible elevated surface temperatures consistent with lava effusion were detected in satellite images. A possible small ash plume from the summit vent is also seen in satellite data. The volcano has been obscured by weather in recent web camera images.

Previous eruptions of Pavlof Volcano have lasted for weeks, months or years and often exhibit fluctuating levels of activity and it is not uncommon for the volcano to enter short periods of repose followed by vigorous ash emissions, lava fountaining, and lahar generation. Occasionally past eruptions have generated vigorous ash emissions and clouds that reached 30,000-50,000 ft. above sea level. We expect this eruption to proceed in a manner similar to previous eruptions.

Eruptive activity at Pavlof could increase with little to no warning.

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