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AVO infrasound detected 2-3 possible explosions at Cleveland Volcano this morning at 5:00AM, 7:17AM, and 11:44AM AKDT (13:00, 17:30, and 1944 UTC). The Aviation Color Code was increased to ORANGE and Volcano Alert Level to Watch at 6:14AM today. The infrasound signals suggest that these were relatively short duration, low-level explosions. A small, low-altitude ash cloud along with high elevated summit surface temperatures at the summit were observed in satellite views starting 7:17AM (15:15UTC). AVO received no other reports of activity.

Sudden explosions of blocks and ash are possible with little or no warning. Ash clouds, if produced, could exceed 20,000 feet above sea level. If a large ash-producing event occurs, nearby seismic, infrasound, or volcanic lightning networks should alert AVO staff quickly. However, for some events, a delay of several hours is possible. There is no real-time seismic monitoring network on Mount Cleveland and AVO is unable to track activity in real time.

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