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On Saturday, February 2, 2013, AVO detected a series of small earthquakes associated with an avalanche on the flank of Iliamna Volcano. Avalanche events are somewhat common at this volcano, and are easily discerned in seismic data. Poor weather has obscured views of the volcano this week, so we are uncertain which flank of the volcano the avalanche affected. These types of avalanches are not considered to be indicative of volcanic unrest.Iliamna volcano is located on the western side of lower Cook Inlet in the Lake Clark National Park. Iliamna is a snow-covered stratovolcano which rises 10,020 feet above sea level. Although steam plumes occur on its eastern flanks, there has been no historic volcanic activity at Iliamna. Iliamna is located 225 km (140 miles) southwest of Anchorage and 113 km (70 miles) northwest of Homer.

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